Obtain a brand new wine cooling unit with full 1 year warranty at a discount price, without going through the hassle of returning your old unit. 

All customers who have a valid serial number may take advantage of our Extended Warranty Program. Generally you pay for Extended Warranties up front (usually 20-25% of the cost of the item) and if nothing goes wrong with your unit you lose your money. With our warranty you only pay if you have an out-of -warranty problem. In essence, we are only asking for a "depreciation" charge as you have had the unit for a period of time and are receiving a brand new unit (current model) with a new warranty. You can even keep your old unit and use it for spare parts in the future. Or have it repaired locally as a backup. Of course it is your choice if you would rather have the unit repaired.

To order please select your replacement model:

For wine cellar cabinet models without door handles:  Nuvo

For all WineKoolR cabinets, models with door handles:  WineKoolR - with top venting

For wall mounted cooling units 900 Cu. Ft ( KoolR Plus / KoolR Magnum )