Water Leak



All units are designed to evaporate the condensation accumulated under normal operation. Excessive condensation is caused by a leak of humid air in a cooled environment.


Humid air is penetrating in the cellar, and condensation occurs on the cold coil.

Placing the cellar on concrete flooring will affect the cooling of the unit.



For wall mounted cooling units make sure that the unit is leveled.

Prevent air leaks.

Check your instructions for setting. See Manuals in Support 


The seals of the panels and door in the cabinet are airtight?

In a custom cellar, was the cellar built to specifications indicated in the instructions? See Manuals in Support 


For extremely humid periods

NOTE: If unit is operated according to specifications oveflows will not occur. Excess condensation is only caused by extreme conditions. Unit will shut off at 72 °F and will restart when temperature drops or unit is repluged. (In this case insert 3/8” O.D. hose to drain hole, cut to appropriate length.)