Support - Trouble Shooting


Check if any of the following conditions exist


1. Over 80ºF at top of cabinet/room where warm air is exhausted. Place a thermometer on top of the unit.

2. Over 70% R.H. (humidity) in immediate area. Place hygrometer on top of unit or outside room.

3. Wine cellar is "built-in".

4. Winekoolr cabinet cellars require 4" clearance all around cellar for venting heat exhaust.

5. Thermostat is set to correct temperature, click here

6.  Bottles seem colder than display temperature. In case the temperature displayed by the controller does not correspond exactly with the indication of another probe (you trust), we allow for a +/- 4 ºF calibration.

NOTE: Compare to the liquid temperature only. The temperature varies according to the position of wine bottles in your cellar. click here


7. Leaks in cabinet/room joints. (Check that the Silicone seal is unbroken).

8. Wine cellar is not   level .

9Door not sealing .

10. Light is left on. (Adds more than 15% to cooling load).

11 Condensor coil dusty and/or dirty.

12. Room uses ducting in any way.

13. Water is leaking from unit.  More info

Check all of the above and eliminate condition. If problem persists proceed to Cooling Diagnostic .


Custom wine room cooling problems?

In addition to the above checklist for more information on how to rectify problems specific to custom designed wine rooms. click here